Since its establishment FOULAD GHAEM Industrial Group has been the leading company in the sector of production and services of traffic safety products, expanding with new investments and manufactures wide range of products in every region of Iran&abroad. In the point reached today, with the best machinery and equipment in accordance with the principles of our company we handle the manufacturing and assembly of roadway railings, the construction production and assembly of Traffic Information Plates and various cross sections carrying plates, Street Lighting Poles  And Stadium Lighting Towers,Electrical Steel Poles,Modular Frameworks And Modular Scaffolding, Solar Energy Flashers and Traffic Plates manufacturing and assembly.
This road barrier system is used to prevent vehicles from going off the road on one side of the road and traffic islands and selected in accordance with the vehicle traffic.

ESP/2.0 road barrier system consists of A type guard rail rail, Sigma 100 profile erected 2m. apart and erected with the aid of (U Wedge) screws to each other. The erection of the system is easy and fast. The dynamic torsion revealed by test conditions according to EN1317-2 standards is 1,2m.